Star Struck
- Texas Impressions

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Texas dynamics are such that its peers are more likely to be found on a world map than on a regional one. In economics, size, population, and influence The Lone Star State is in fact a world leader. Nature's magnificence in the the great state is no different.

From the Gulf Coast through wide coastal plains upward to handsome earth and rock undulations of the Hill Country, Texas slowly mesmerizes. Moving on, mile by long mile you're enticed through high plains and eventually to even higher mountains and bountiful desert offerings of the rugged Trans-Pecos region.

The expansive boundaries of this engaging place are mostly outlined by water. This is seen from the ribbons of river of the north, east and west to the southern crescent awash in sultry Gulf breezes. Beneath the surface, cool and fascinating caverns have been tucked into earthen skirts. Proud stands of oak, pine and cypress reach toward the heavens and shade grateful receivers; seasonal processions of unending floral color brighten the flat-to-rolling earth; Chihuahuan charisma offers seemingly endless desert delights; all the while, abundant lower creatures swim, fly, swoop, amble, gallop, leap or crawl throughout melding and coexisting biospheres.

Award-winning world photographer Greg Lawson's intuitive eye for all things natural sweeps from the Gulf of Mexico through the Hill Country, to elevated plain, from Chihuahuan lows to far-west mountain highs. He captures the faces of places from river to river, from ocean to panhandle showcasing 160 pages of hardbound Texas pride!

160 pages + additional 8 page gatefold visual index, 11" x 13", features open-flat binding and cloth-cover over hardback design.



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