About Greg Lawson

Greg Lawson is one of the world's enduring image-based art creators. Greg's collection of Earth's varied places and fabulous mix of creatures is also one of the most expansive to be found in the hands of any independent creator.  With more than five decades of experience in creating images in all still-camera formats he remains as busy as ever simply because of a ceaseless "passion for place."

"When I was young I would spend hours at the library pouring over travel books and dreaming about places to visit," says Greg, "so when my mother gave me a camera at fourteen years of age I was instantly engrossed by the capacity of capturing forever what I had just composed in that little viewfinder.  We were in New York City at the time and that first camera made me feel like I was a native New Yorker;  that I owned the city. That little box was going to be my ticket to anywhere I wanted to go, to everywhere I dreamed I would go.

"My parents were highly creative people.  Our home was welcoming inside and out. The walls had murals and artistic touches at every turn.  The small grounds were meticulously landscaped with many trees, bushes and flowerbeds. My mother was a designer, a gourmet and homemaker by choice. Both of my parents loved nature and the family was immersed in the natural world in many different ways. As they had moved from Pennsylvania to the West when I was less than a year old, we made many trips back to the East Coast for family visits. Those formative years are still with me.  I often feel just like that wide-eyed boy of yesterday, filled with a longing for new places to taste, new people to meet and new creatures to mingle with.

"Regarding our wildlife images please note that I prefer to work with wild animals that are free to be wild.  Since I want to respect all creatures and their sensitivities I do not use any kind of flash attachment" says Greg.

Here at the Art Tasting Room  please note that we're offering Greg's trademarked line of Aluminous images exclusively and that we feature these appetizer-sized open-editions at a price point that makes it easy for nearly everyone to own a genuine Greg Lawson image.

Whether you're here to acquire one of Greg's Aluminous prints or one of his bound portfolio collections, please know that we appreciate your patronage.  And when you're in Sedona, Arizona please stop in and say "Hello!"

Greg Lawson's Passion For Place Gallery is located in The Gallereum in Sedona, Arizona.  As it is situated away from the bustle of Sedona's central shopping centers it serves as a kind of sanctuary for customers that choose to linger and absorb the passion of Greg's work without distraction.

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