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Commemorative Greg Lawson Solar Eclipse Image

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Greg Lawson used NASA coordinates to plot a perfect place to view and experience the totality of the Great American Eclipse on August 21, 2017. After selecting several possible sites in the the U.S. he narrowed the possibilities to just a few, finally settling on two in Nebraska. Scouting these sites led to the decision as to where he would patiently await the much trumpeted cosmic event.

"About two minutes of real time is what we had to embrace the totality of it all. In these short minutes I had to sense the wonder of the event and at the same time manipulate cameras to record it to share; this was quite a demand on a person known for taking time to relish and savor the nature of an experience, but here was one experience definitely made for sharing."

Capturing images since 1958 Greg is one of Earth's most experienced photographers whose creations, captured in all formats, are appreciated for their realistic, open and inviting nature.

The full square foot of Aluminous™ art is lightweight and easy to hang with its built-in hanger; it has no glass to break and is impervious to moisture so that it can be cleaned with water when desired!

Here's a great offer for a signed and numbered commemorative edition of one of America's most significant natural events of the 21st century.

•  Commemorative Limited Edition
•  Each copy includes an Artist Signed and Numbered certificate sent separately
•  Contemporary Styling
•  12x12 inches with a Built-In Hanger
•  Impervious to moisture and can be wiped with a damp cloth if needed.
•  Flat Rate Shipping

And . . .  It's a genuine Greg Lawson production.

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