Copy of 10,000 Eagles Individual Offer

With Victory on the wall, all will sense a spirit of victory in the air.
We’ve named this powerful beauty Victory for good reason. The American bald eagle has been a symbol of the power of the nation since the beginning, yes, but this grand specimen of wildlife was moving in the direction of extinction, and is now in the process of a victorious comeback.
American Eagle "Victory" by Greg Lawson
The presence of Victory in the room invites a persuasive confidence and serves as an unstated rallying point for confidence in a victorious outcome.
Not only does this magnificent creature impose a confident victory, but the gaze is focused so precisely on everyone present, that all will feel that confident victory for any project when this stunning image of Victory is in attendance.

The power and strength of this great American icon has a persuasive impact in nearly every situation.
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Greg Lawson has more than fifty years of independent experience in producing images in all camera formats on seven continents of Earth, and in fifty states of the US. Greg’s art expresses the global experience of wildlife and humans, on the land, by the sea and in urban corridors. We’re doing this the old fashioned way, through patronage … and our patrons will receive a generous bundle of benefits:  
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