Presentation Options and Certificate Information

Gallery Giclee

   Ultra Chrome Inks are used exclusively to provide enduring stability 

Crystal Archive

   Fuji Crystal Archive for buyers desiring the conservation nuances of this honored brand

Canvas Giclee

   Art with the time-honored look of painting on canvas

Aluminous with Hanger

   Metal Infusion technique with a contemporary glossy finish that needs less light to make it bright

Museum Mount

 This package has a Crystal Archive print mounted face first behind acrylic and backed with a hardboard and hanger. The hanging piece floats on the wall without an additional frame in offers a contemporary look.



Additional Information


Regarding Sizes:  All listed sizes are approximate.  Larger sizes can be custom made beyond what is listed in the menu.  Please request a quote for the size you need.

Finished Sizes:  Image sizes are approximate.  When mounted and framed overall size will be larger than simply the size of the printed artwork because of the additional frame and mat board surrounding the print.

Print Only Option:  This option will be produced as a print, unmounted and without a hanger.  It is shipped flat or in a tube.

Gallery Framing is framing selected by the gallery to compliment the art piece.  Other framing options are available and we welcome you to confer with our design department for a final selection.

Glass:  Museum Glas is available upon request.  Museum glass differs from reflection free glass in that it provides greater ultra-violation protection.  Reflection-free glass eliminates reflection but does not substantially cut uv radiation.  Orders processed from this site which require glass will utilize reflection free glass.

Aluminous / also known as Metal Infusion.    We expect  50 years of UV safety so the process is not as rated as long as other ink.  These products are bright, lightweight and can be wiped with a slightly damp cloth to clean them if desired. We also have metal prints produced for use outdoors or in areas where greater UV intensity will be expected.

Gallery Wrap: This is a traditional hidden frame with the canvas print wrapped around it. Edges of the canvas are mirrored and wrapped around the frame to avoid loss of image on the viewing plane. The art piece is ready to hang

Museum Mount:    This package has a Fuji Crystal Archive print mounted face first behind acrylic and backed with a hardboard and hanger.  This is also available with papers.

Legacy Edition Certificate Information: Greg Lawson Legacy editions are limited in number and the certificate accompanying the art or sent by separate delivery will acknowledge the specific number assigned.  Additional limited numbers are available as Artist Proofs for some pieces.  Specific numbers will be assigned if available.