10,000 Eagles

10,000 Eagles

  • $ 1,000.00


We’ve named this powerful beauty Victory for good reason. The American bald eagle has always been a symbol of keen power and a victorious outcome, but this grand specimen of wildlife was moving in the direction of extinction, and is now in the process of a victorious comeback.

From time to time, everyone needs to be victorious and when this grand specimen of America’s icon is present in the room, victory is in the air.

Victory is custom produced on enduring metal and will prove to be a cherished heirloom.

Victory, sized at 18"x22" is normally Gallery Priced at $1,295, but for this special campaign-with-a-purpose it is...

Now just $1000 ... and comes with a bundle of free benefits, including Free Shipping.

VICTORY is an 18" wide x 22" high ready-to-hang, all metal imaged art piece that will invite marvel and an appreciative awe as it gazes on everyone present.

As a Gallereum Patron at the $1000 dollar level you’ll receive more than $2000 in benefits:

  •  a stately 396 square-inch edition of the bald eagle we’ve named Victory, the historic icon of North America.
  •  a personal memorialization in our tribute wall, that will forever recognize your founding status of support.
  • free access to The Gallereum center for two years from its grand opening, plus discount coupons to use or share, valued at a minimum of $450.
  • an invitation to the televised Grand Opening ceremonies.
  • And if you’re one of the first 100 to take advantage of this offer, you will also receive a personal gift from me to you, valued at over $325.

Receive over $2000 in monetary value plus free inclusion in the founder's televised opening event, plus perpetual recognition on our virtual tribute wall acknowledging your status of foundational support!

All this to thank you for your patronage of an American Dream you’ll be proud to support.