Horseshoe Bend

Horseshoe Bend

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This horseshoe shaped bend of the Colorado River was in existence long before the horse was introduced in North America, but whatever the native peoples might have called it it would still translate into “wow.” The uplifted Colorado Plateau carries water originating in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado all the way to the Pacific waters entering the Golfo de California in Mexico. The river is famous for carving magnificent canyons en route as it erodes its way through rock and earth; this natural hippocrepiform shape has now caught the appreciative eye of millions.

The overlook, once an obscure and hard to find perch above the carved out riverbed is now so popular that it has been created as an easily accessible and visitor-friendly lookout by the National Park Service. My first Images of this curious place were difficult to capture because I had to lie on my stomach and extend myself as far as safely possible to avoid the rocks Immediately beneath me from obscuring the camera’s view. Such an option will no longer be available as view site is built for safety of Horseshoe admirers.

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