GLI Membership brings Light and Love All Year Long

GLI Membership brings Light and Love All Year Long

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  • Save $ 212.00

Would you welcome a year of Personal Peace, Simple Joy, and Meditative Wisdom?

Let Greg Lawson deliver visual delight, plus sayings with insight, to your inbox every week for an entire year!

Life is often easier with a guide! Greg Lawson has provided peaceful direction through the dynamics of visual imagery and thoughtful wisdom for over 60 years. 

Join GLI – Right Now for just pennies a day – and you'll receive over 104 free benefits while tapping into the exclusive creative pool of a legacy creator, not AI. 

"I believe AI can be an excellent tool in many production spaces, but please not in my creative kitchen" – Greg Lawson

An affordable GLI Membership brings 52 editions of GLI Particles, our midweek issue of peaceful realism in new imagery, along with thought-provoking insights in the form of sayings, aphorisms, proverbs, and sage advice gleaned from real-life experiences of Greg's lifelong global odyssey.

GLI Member Benefits:
  • FIRST GLINTS: Every week we send an exclusive New Image Release (not yet available on our website) crafted from Greg Lawson Intelligence – not AI. 
  • FREE GIFTS: 104 GLints of light (52 new visual and 52 philosophical). One of each is released each Wednesday for an entire year, to GLI Members. 
  • DISCOUNTS: A $50 discount per membership, per quarter, for decor purchases.
  • FREE SHIPPING:  No purchases are required, but if and when merchandise is purchased your GLI membership reserves a Free Shipping code in the USA, or Reduced Shipping Worldwide.

Know the Source:

  • Greg has been creating his ‘paintings with light’ originating in all still camera formats, for more than sixty years. His immense file includes fifty states and seven continents, produced 100% from self-motivation, love for Earth’s creatures, and passion for its places.
  • Greg records philosophical realizations and soft opinions fertilized by human experience and nurtured in the realm of human intellect – never AI.
  • Greg is a passionate creator who chose the route of independence to create work exclusively for his global art buyers and collectors.
  • Each GLI creation is identified as a GLint because they are created 100% from Greg Lawson's intelligence, not from AI. GLints of visual expression, wisdom, and Intellectual reasoning are culled from a global field of personal experience on all continents.
Greg Lawson is one of the most collected independent artists on Earth. Millions of his printed pieces are found in homes and offices across the land and around the globe. Join GLI and enjoy weekly benefits from Greg's love of planet, places, people, and creatures met along the path of a long and storied career.

For lovers of life on Earth, GLI is a perfect and affordable GIFT to get for yourself,  or to give to demonstrates love and attention every week for an entire year.